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So you want a jobby job in the creative department of a leading creative advertising agency, design studio, or cool brand. Awesome. More than a GPA, and to some degree, even where you attend school, your success all comes down to your creative portfolio. Those that can demonstrate the smartest, most unexpected thinking and extraordinary craft win the day.

To land your dream job, however, you also have to standout and grab the attention of those actually hiring. It’s far from easy getting up that mountain but there’s more than one way to climb it. You can develop those critical problem-solving skills at a university, a portfolio school, on your own with mentors, with on-the-job training, or all of the above. And then there’s us, Spit Polish New Creative Review.

We exist to serve the underserved, the creative rejects who reject “No” for an answer, and the believers who believe in setting a higher bar for themselves.

Run by leading creatives and experienced educators – from not one, but multiple agencies and schools – we bring diverse perspectives and a vast network of global industry contacts to those looking for that creative edge. We help shape tomorrow’s best art directors, copywriters, and designers with inspiration, resources, and tailor-made online portfolio critiques, as well as essential ongoing guidance and support. We combine the services of A-list creative directors, academic advisors, tutors, and mentors into what we like to call Creative Coaches. (And if you’ve ever played on a championship team, you’ll know why.)

Regardless if you’ve ever made an ad in your life, or if you’ve never made a great one, we’ll teach you, train you, inspire you, and push you madly to beat your personal bests so you and your soon-to-be jaw-dropping, envy-inducing, and job-securing portfolio are ready to shine.