Best Student Work From The 2019 Austin Addy Awards

This year’s Austin AD Fed Awards were titled The Vanguards and included student winners from The University of Texas, Texas State University, Austin Creative Department, and Job Propulsion Lab. (Congrats, everyone.)

We’re too lazy to post every winner and too guilty to just add a link so, instead, we asked JimJim2K, our trusty office robot, to pick it’s top 3 favorite winners. He came back with 6. (We built him ourselves so he’s a bit buggy.) In no particular order, this is what the almighty algorithm came back with which we’ve now sold to Cambridge Analytica.

Review of work featured on Austin Ad Fed website complete meep. Based on concept and craft meep including art direction, copyrighting (sic), presentation, original photo/video/sound quality meep, meep I located executions that erased the line between student and professional work and concluded the following highest results meep.
— JimJim2K


The University of Texas at Austin: Martha Gill, Art Director; Hayes Reed, Copywriter; Ryan Romero, Instructor

Vaseline - A Glob For Whatever

The University of Texas at Austin: Ericka Suarez, Art Director; Sabrina Quintanilla, Copywriter; Chad Rea, Instructor

HINGE - FInd the one(s)

The University of Texas at Austin: Camille Sudekum, Art Director; Carrie Boswell, Copywriter; Sean Labounty, Instructor

MORE - Drink The Night Away

The University of Texas at Austin: Hayes Reed, Copywriter/Director; Tiffany Pritchett, Art Director/Set Designer, Nickolas Di Carol, Director of Photography; Ryan Romero, Instructor

Jell-O - Dessert for the Modern Era

The University of Texas at Austin: Mingyo Lee, Art Director; Weston Bliobenes, Copywriter; Ryan Romero, Instructor

Condor Trailer

Job Propulsion Lab: Bryson Williams, Director/Illustrator/Animator; Bart Cleveland, Instructor

WTF do robots know? Check out the full list of talented student winners here.

Are you a student who recently won award or creating inspiring work that deserves recognition? We’d love to hear about it. Submit your best work here.