Tiffany Rolfe Talks Personality, Perspective and Getting Into Heaven.

Tiffany Rolfe is the US Chief Creative Officer of R/GA in New York. A graduate of ArtCenter College of Design, she has previously worked at Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Co:collective on clients such as Google, Under Armour, MINI, VW, Burger King and the ACLU. Her award-winning campaigns have earned dozens of honors, including Best of show at One Show, a Grand Clio, and the Grand Prix and Titanium Lion at Cannes.


What campaign of yours are you most proud of? Why?


Creativity and Effectiveness weren’t mutually exclusive. It was creative and it was the most successful teenage cessation campaign there has ever been. It had almost put an end to teenage smoking. Hard to argue with that. I say it’s the thing that will help me get into heaven.

What is it like to be a female ECD in a male-dominated field? Any advice for aspiring creative women?

At this point in my career I love it—That I have the power to help change things at least in my agency and through my impact In the community. I’ve worked with great men so it’s not that I had a terrible experience, it’s just that we all are learning how important it is to have diversity in our thinking - all kinds. And how we unconsciously can find ourselves shaping environments around us too homogeneously.  We need to see problems with different perspectives to solve in innovative ways.

Throughout my career I’ve tried to use my own perspective to my advantage. I’d tell aspiring young women to stay true to who they are and use their voices and personal experiences.

Also I’d tell them that it’s never easy. This business is challenging and now that I’m a mom it’s even harder. But don’t give up if it’s what you want. But there will be sacrifices.

What content do you consume to stay relevant and inspired (books, artists, movies, magazines, etc.)?

I feel like I mostly read children’s books and watch Disney movies these days. Which is relevant in its own way I guess. Luckily I’m surrounded by people who are seeking what’s new and now. So lately I’ve been tracking our R/GA Daily Headlines Slack channel to keep me informed. I’ve also been reading books on leadership and building teams (Radical Candor and Dream Teams). And I’m obsessed with The NY Times “Daily” Podcast.

What is one habit that you wish your younger self had gotten into earlier?

Meditation. I don’t do it now but I wish I did. I think it’s good to give your brain a rest. I feel like I’ve abused mine a bit. I can’t remEmber anyone’s name anymore. Maybe I’m just getting old.

And I used to write for myself more. Journal my life’s experiences. I wish I still captured more of my life in writing.

And I really don’t have any hobbies of my own. It’s sad.

Do you have a side hustle or passion project?       

My side hustles and projects tend to be given my time to projects that past employees or mentees have asked me to help with. I’m on the board of a woman-owned startup called Shhhowercap. She’s a young entrepreneur who designed a totally innovative product and is kicking ass.

What are student books lacking these days?

I barely get to see student books these days. I need to see more. But I do always tell student to bring their personality to their books. I don’t expect the work to be epic but you have to get a sense off their passion and personality. There has to be something in their that tips you off that there is potential. More surprises and unexpected. Books all start to look the same.


Camille Sudekum is a senior advertising student in the Texas Creative sequence. She is an Art Director and self-proclaimed renaissance woman who dabbles in graphic design, illustration, copywriting, clothing design, and musical scoring.