When You Get A Brief For The Museum of Sex, The Work Better Be Remarkable.

Some creative briefs are easier than others, and one might argue that The Museum of Sex is exactly the kind of tasty bone that agencies throw to their creatives to help cleanse their overworked palette in exchange for some shiny hardware to display on the lobby shelves. After all, sex sells itself. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t go without a little foreplay. Of course, when the level of difficulty is lower, it also means the creative bar is higher - or should be, anyway.

Despite potentially coming across as terribly unsexy in an industry that’s seduced by all things digital, this campaign doesn’t go for the all-nighter but the tried-n-true quickie: print, leaving both parties just as satisfied with its delicious headlines and luscious design.

Was it good for you? Does the sexual harassment line have you all hot and bothered? Discuss below.

Agency: Lowe New York