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Your mom and BFF think you’re the next Picasso or Plath. Your advertising professor doesn’t get you…or creativity. The last agency who reviewed your portfolio suggested a career in media. Point is, everyone has an opinion. And those opinions are based on someone’s own life and job experiences. When looking for the right Creative Coach for you, do your research first. Where have they lived, worked, and mentored creatives? What brands have they worked on? Does their portfolio inspire you? What value have others received from working with them? At the end of the day, the only opinions that should matter to you are the ones from those people you respect, admire, want to learn from, and work with. Get as many of these types of opinions as you can. And try on as many Creative Coaches as you like to learn fresh perspectives.


Chad Rea

International Creative Director, Copywriter, Former ArtCenter and UT Instructor, SPIT polish Founder. More info.


Denise ZuriLgen

VP/Creative Director, Art Director, and Art Center Alumni. More info.

Stefan G. Bucher

Designer, Illustrator, Writer. 344 Design / Daily Monster. Formerly with W+K and Maverick Records. More info.

MARKUs and cecilia

A creative duo from Sweden with over 20 years international experience. More info.

Erik Enberg

Creative Director turned Self-Employed Collaborative Mercenary. Copywriter, CD, Pseudo-Strategist, Golfer. More info.

Blake kidder

International Creative Director and Former ArtCenter Instructor and Alumni. More info.

Dave Bell

Creative Partner & Writer at KesselsKramer London & Amsterdam. More info.

Miguel A. Martinez

Designer, Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Illustrator and Educator. More info.