Frequently Asked Q’s

What is spit polish new creative review?

Put simply, it’s an online community for creative advertising and design students to share inspiration and useful resources, connect with and learn from leading agency professionals, and, as a result, build a portfolio worthy of landing their dream job.

Couldn’t you come up with a better name?

Probably. We’re quite fond of Spit Polish, a military term, for a number of reasons. Creative problem-solving is an iterative process. Quantity begets quality. And, more often than not, it ain’t purdy or pain-free neither. You have to generate boatloads of crappy ideas before you start to see the good ones. Even then, your best ideas can be better. You will constantly tweak and refine, or completely start over and over until your fickle friend, Time, completely runs out on you. You have to work quickly with whatever resources you can dig up. You can’t be precious. And you can’t take direct, honest, and constructive feedback personally. Instead, you take that spit. And you use it to shine.

How did the idea for Spit Polish New Creative Review come about anyway?

After our founder, Chad Rea, announced his departure from a highly-coveted teaching gig to help grow a social impact agency, he received an overwhelming number of heartfelt thank you letters and emails from his current and past students. At that highly emotional and transformative moment, it became clear to Chad that he wasn’t ready to stop helping young creatives land their dream job. Instead, he wanted to lean into it. This time, however, it wouldn’t be for a school. It would be for all of them. For all levels of misfits. And it wouldn’t just be with Chad but also with other creative rock stars from all over the world. The rest, as they say, is future. Online, unconstrained, and unlike anything else out there.

Are you a portfolio school?

Nope. Art directors, designers, and copywriters come to Spit Polish before, during, and after school. While we might teach you or elevate many of the skills you’d develop in a top university creative program or portfolio school, we’re more akin to world class tutors who were seasoned inside the best creative agencies. We help students get into the top advertising programs or provide with you another path when you don’t. We help your portfolio get off to a great start or make sure you finish strong with some shiny hardware. And, when you’re ready, we’ll help you navigate the gauntlet of finding a killer job, even if you already took a crappy one.

How is a Creative Coach different than a mentor, professor, or creative director?

In many cases, a Creative Coach is more similar to these examples than different. In fact, we’re a little bit of all of them rolled into one tasty burrito. But way better, of course. (Insert smiley.) There are mentors out there that aren’t great teachers. And there are text-book-type professors who are incapable or not allowed to give you the kind of straight-talking sage advice or creative career guidance you need. There are also creative directors out there that are great at shaping the work but have zero time to train a newbie. Our Creative Coaches have worn more than one of these hats, if not all of them, and are stoked to support the next generation of creative innovators. (Hint: That’s you.)

What level of student is Spit Polish designed for?

All levels are welcome. We’ve worked with everyone from total portfolio virgins and advanced students to creative program rejects and working creatives at not-so-creative agencies. You might be on the C-team but we expect you to bring your A game.

I’ve booked a coaching session, now what?

Once you’ve made arrangements with your Creative Coach and have paid for the session, put it into your calendar. Show up on time and fully prepared. Make sure you follow instructions. If you’re late, unprepared, don’t follow instructions, don’t put in the work, or have a positive can-do attitude, you will not get the most out of your session and risk being refused from taking additional sessions. Student no-shows and late cancelations may result in forfeiture of allotted time and definitely getting the stink eye.

How do I get my work or portfolio featured on your site?

Everyone is welcome to go to SUBMIT. Complete the form. If we like it, we’ll contact you and feature you. Please do not ask if we’ve received it or when it will be featured. You’re welcome to resubmit with updated work. We also like bribes.

How do I get my agency, job, or internship listed?

Go to SUBMIT. Complete the form. For paid job$ and internships, please write the ad (approx. 400 characters) and include link and/or contact info. We do not accept unpaid internship or job listings.

do you charge agencies a commission on placements?

No. We curate the best student work for you to cherry-pick from and contact yourself. You’re also welcome to post a paid internship or job free of charge as long as you write it and include link and/or contact email. See above.

Can I work for Spit Polish in exchange for coaching or cash?

Yes. We’re open to creative ways of working together. Occasionally, we’ll post remote jobs here on our site. Other times, we might have super secret projects we need help with. Who knows, maybe we can even get dibs on your first born or first paycheck. #daretodream Go to SUBMIT and send us a note with what you’re thinking.

How do I become a Creative Coach?

Go the header of our website and click SUBMIT. Complete the form. Tell us why you want to be a Creative Coach, what your qualifications are, and what your general availability is. We look forward to hearing from you.