Designer, Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Illustrator and Educator

Miguel A. Martinez

A native Houstonian who moved to Brooklyn for love and wonder, Miguel has worked for small branding studios, non-profits and start-ups across Texas and NYC, including Shelf Studio, the Clinton Global Initiative and Square Roots, an urban farming platform.

No matter the role, he loves to guide and mentor diverse groups of creatives. He is always eager to support and inspire others to use their individual talents and imagination in order to create work that’s beyond expectations. As an educator, his goal is to help foster the mindset that will allow his students to become strong designers.

Branding is Miguel’s passion and he loves the challenge that comes with creating the relationship between brand and customer. Over the years, he has gained expertise in creative/art direction, brand story development, brand positioning and voice, UX/UI, environmental and experiential design, packaging design, digital/print marketing materials, illustration and photography direction/execution.

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As a past student of Miguel’s I can say he was the one professor who pushed me to think about design as something much more than I ever thought it could be. It was under Miguel’s guidance I learned the power I have as a designer to change the world around me through visual communication. This is something I will always remember and appreciate; the little seed of inspiration Miguel planted in my head that continues to grow as I grow as a designer.
— K.C.
Miguel taught me a lot while I was a student at the Art Institute and was one of my favorite teachers. He runs his classes like a studio, so you get used to working in an environment like you would in the real world. He provides intelligent feedback for your projects that encourages you to think outside the box or view something in a sense that you might not have come up with on your own. Multiple edits of projects help you develop a starting assignment into a well thought out portfolio piece. This also helps in real world situations when taking direction from art directors and clients and allows your thought process to mature as a designer. Now that I am working with clients every day I use these skills constantly.
— D.C.
Miguel Martinez is an excellent teacher. He ran his classrooms different from every other teacher I know. He conducted it like a studio environment. He took the time to meet with every student, not only see their progress but to give us insight to how we could elevate it to the next level. He would always challenge us to do better, to do more and to expand the project out of the classroom and into the buzzing world. It wasn’t just in the classroom that he supported his students, but it was also out of the classroom. He would send his students graphic design resources based on where he knew each individual student wanted to take their next steps as a professional. I can confidently say that my best school projects have come out of his classes. I can also say that Miguel taught me about going the extra mile to get the design right and showed me just exactly how great of a designer I could be.
— E.M.
My experience with Miguel as a teacher has been mostly with packaging. Taking Miguels packaging class made me more aware of what we could do differently as a designer. He helped us think outside of the box and push ourselves as a designer. Since then, in college, I’ve based my projects on packaging. He broke up the classes into a great layer of brain storming and critiquing, it was very useful not only then but now after graduating and where I am now.
— R.M.